From Seed to Seed Lesson

Kids usually know that seeds grow into plants, but do they know where the seeds come from? This Sunflower Life Cycle Lesson helps introduce students to the growth and the development of seeds.

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A Day in the Life of a Farmer

Have you ever wondered what a day is like for a pig farmer? Well, I am going to share with you what our daily life is like at our farm, which is located in Martin County, Minnesota.

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Take a Field Trip, Virtually!

When it’s physically impossible to visit a farm or agricultural site, you can take a virtual field trip! Our Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom program has enjoyed connecting classrooms of students with Minnesota farms and farmers.

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Happy Spring!

Happy Spring or as I say to my own kids…I’m so excited to smell the dirt again! As spring is springing into action, I (Toni Dauwalter) am stuck at home like the rest of you. BUT, as an optimist…I am finding fun ways to bring JOY to our family. I can’t wait to share some of these things with all of you too on this blog! Sneak peek…think – chicks hatching, baby bunnies, planting seeds!!

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