(I bought the garden stone from a Master Gardener sale and left it in an Alternative School’s garden I had been working with that year as a surprise….I love the message)

Author: Toni Dauwalter

Make the most of your time stuck at home…learn a new skill!  Join our challenge & grow your own food! Yep. You got this! You can grow anything you want – I have lettuce, kale and spinach seeds to share – since these things like cool weather and grow fast.  And we want you to share with us what you are doing! Your kids can LEARN, have FUN and GROW FOOD at the same time.

Hi there – this is Toni, MAITC Regional Specialist and hobby gardener!  Have you ever gardened before?  If you haven’t – you are TOTALLY missing out!  It is one of my all time favorite hobbies and I am SO happy it’s spring and I will be in my gardens soon.  BUT, since we are all stuck at home I figured ‘WHY WAIT’? Let’s start growing our own lettuce and spinach NOW.  We all have a little extra time and we are also trying to have our kids/students continue to have meaningful learning opportunities.  Well, this one is meaningful and tasty!! 

Here’s how it works.  If you are a teacher or parent – share this HyperDoc with your kids/students and have them get to work.  The hyperdoc has all of the steps listed out so the kids should know what to do.  I would highly recommend watching the inspirational video from the Extension section together:  BBC – How mattresses could solve hunger.  Watching this video makes me believe that if you ‘think outside the box’ you can really solve ANY problem!  What a great message that is for all of us right now. If you need spinach, kale or lettuce seeds – I can help!  Please fill out this Google Form and I will mail you some seeds!

Then what?  We want to hear about what you are doing!  I created a flipgrid where you can upload a video of your greenhouse.  It’s listed at the end of the HyperDoc and it should be a fun way to see how others are meeting the challenge.  Here is the link: https://flipgrid.com/d0cf806e.  Be the first to share a video!  I can’t wait to see what you all do and how creative you can be!  In around a month – we can all take a bite of our greens and smile about our new skill – seriously eating something that you grew yourself (from a tiny seed!) is SO TASTY!  I hope you join our challenge!!

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