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Garden Harvest – Cooking up tasty treats!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer! If there is one positive to come from the summer of 2020, I would have to say that besides the extra time with the kids (most things cancelled) my garden is looking the best it ever has! And I have been harvesting lots of yummy, fresh veggies for my family. I would love to hear what you have been growing in your school and home gardens as well. Please share in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section at the bottom! We would LOVE to hear from you.

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School Gardens

Author: Toni Dauwalter SO much learning can happen in the school garden!  I love helping teachers connect standards to learning in the garden.  Often this is many students’ first experience

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Tonis Bee's


I LOVE learning! And I LOVE nature, so becoming a ‘hobby’ beekeeper was a super fun learning experience I started a few years ago. In that time I have learned SO much about the amazing BEE and I know that I still have LOTS more to learn. Teachers have the power to influence their students to be curious and learn something new. I hope as my own kids grow up, their curiosity continues to encourage them to ‘learn or do something new’ their whole life.

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Greenhouse Challenge Update

Hi everyone! Can you believe it is already May? I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months since I made our first blogpost! Since that time, I hope everyone took my advice and made some great memories that they can look back at and smile. I also hope you planted something, but if not – do it now!

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Egg-cited to Learn About Eggs!

Have you ever cracked open an egg and explored it? Eggs are not only YUMMY breakfast items (with distance learning – we have had extra time in the morning to make LOTS of eggs!), but they are also pretty cool. I have created a fun learning experience related to eggs that you can share with your students/kids. Check out this Eggology Hyperdoc and share it with your students. It will guide students through a fun learning experience and hands-on experiment.

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Greenhouse Challenge

Make the most of your time stuck at home…learn a new skill! Join our challenge & grow your own food! Yep. You got this! You can grow anything you want – I have lettuce, kale and spinach seeds to share – since these things like cool weather and grow fast. And we want you to share with us what you are doing! Your kids can LEARN, have FUN and GROW FOOD at the same time.

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Baby Chicks

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, according to my kids…’Mom! We get the eggs from a chicken, duh.’ I guess they might not be that into philosophy, but they sure are into baby chicks! Spring is synonymous to tiny chirps coming from tiny fluffy chicks in a tub in our kitchen. We have had baby chicks in our house every year for the past seven years, so for my kids it truly is part of every spring.

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Happy Spring!

Happy Spring or as I say to my own kids…I’m so excited to smell the dirt again! As spring is springing into action, I (Toni Dauwalter) am stuck at home like the rest of you. BUT, as an optimist…I am finding fun ways to bring JOY to our family. I can’t wait to share some of these things with all of you too on this blog! Sneak peek…think – chicks hatching, baby bunnies, planting seeds!!

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