Author: Toni Dauwalter

Did you do our Green House Challenge?

Hi everyone!  Can you believe it is already May?  I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months since I made our first blogpost!  Since that time, I hope everyone took my advice and made some great memories that they can look back at and smile.  I also hope you planted something, but if not – do it now!

Now that the spring weather is even warmer, I want to remind everyone to share our GREENHOUSE CHALLENGE with your students!  We already have 17 videos on our Flipgrid – check them out, there has been almost 4 hours of participation…that is awesome!  I have also mailed out 15 packs of seeds to students.  If your students need seeds – I still have some kale, lettuce & spinach.  Fill out this google form and I will get seeds in the mail to your kids so they can grow some YUMMY greens!  Salads that you grow taste so much better.  Here is the Greenhouse Challenge Hyperdoc if you haven’t shared it with your students, please do!

To extend the learning – Have you heard of the Victory Gardens?  They began back in 1942 to encourage people in the US to grow their own food during wartime.  Check out this Hyperdoc I created that you can personalize and share with your students!  Students will learn about the steps it takes to get food into their fridge and look at how far food travels. 

Here I show you my own “victory garden”!

ALSO – GUESS WHAT?  The MN Ag in the Classroom Teacher Tours have gone VIRTUAL!  One of them is all about School Gardens!  Check out this video to hear more about it and go to our website to sign up.  It is filling up fast!

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