Author: Toni Dauwalter

Have you ever cracked open an egg and explored it?  Eggs are not only YUMMY breakfast items (with distance learning – we have had extra time in the morning to make LOTS of eggs!), but they are also pretty cool.  I have created a fun learning experience related to eggs that you can share with your students/kids.  Check out this Eggology Hyperdoc and share it with your students.  It will guide students through a fun learning experience and hands-on experiment.

We also would like to give you an update on our chicks that hatched on April 7th.  They have moved!  They are now outside in our moveable chicken coop and they have grown feathers and are getting quite big!  Check out this short video of ‘moving day’.

We also have a youtube playlist of the incubation here:

If you have other ideas of lessons that you would like me to create hyperdocs for, please reach out at  I would love to help!!  


Their ‘new’ home…a chicken tractor (move-able coop) that we built:

Me & the Fluffy Feet chick:

The chicks are growing up:

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