From Seed to Seed Lesson

Author: Ann Vote

Kids usually know that seeds grow into plants, but do they know where the seeds come from?  This Sunflower Life Cycle Lesson helps introduce students to the growth and the development of seeds.

Spring has sprung!  Soon plants and flowers are going to start to sprout. We all know that plants sprout from seeds but do our kids/students know that?

The Lesson

Our Sunflower Life Cycle lesson will introduce your kids to the seed cycle and allow them to create a sunflower of their own.

Lesson Materials:

  • 2 documents linked in the lesson plan
  • Paper
  • Markers/Crayons
  • Paper Plate (optional -- can use paper cut in large circle)
  • Craft Stick (optional -- can use strip of paper)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Students will get familiar with the seed life cycle and will be creating a paper sunflower to understand the parts of the flower and the importance of the seed.

Watch as Regional Curriculum Specialist, Ann Vote, shares how to utilize this lesson to engage your lower elementary student to learn about a seed life cycle.


Share Your Sunflower

Snap a photo of your child/student's completed sunflower and post it to Facebook or Instagram and please tag us @mnagintheclassroom and @mnagliteracy!  Enjoy!

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