Books in the Barn

Author: Sarah Kuschel

We love to read and we love agriculture! Let’s enjoy some children’s books about agriculture together.

When I have a few extra minutes on my hands I love to sit down with a good book.  It’s even better if I can enjoy a book with my kids, so I am going to share our favorite children’s books each week from our barn.  

At Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom we work to bring agricultural lessons into classrooms and we don’t want students missing those awesome opportunities during a time of e-learning.  I welcome educators to use these book readings with their classes or for a family to enjoy the stories together.   

Learning more about our essential agriculture careers and how our food is grown is a worthy focus as food brings us all together.  I hope that you enjoy these books and our resources as much as I do.

Book #1: Kelcie reading Charlie the Ranch Dog, Where’s the Bacon

Kelcie is our first reader for books in the barn. She’s our kiddo who loves dogs and cooking so of course she picked a…

Posted by Sarah Kuschel on Monday, March 23, 2020

Get the book! https://www.amazon.com/Charlie-Ranch-Dog-Wheres-Bacon/dp/0062219081

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