Sarah Kuschel

Funk Family Farm

Minnesota Trees and Timber

I have lived my entire life in north central Minnesota and have been surrounded by trees. Having our summer teacher tours affected by COVID-19 made us a little unsure of what route to take for the summer of 2020 and we decided to take a leap and try virtual tours hosted over five weeks.

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black cow with two calves

It’s Calving Time!

This has been a different spring for all of us but one thing that has remained the same for my family and me is calving season. Calving time is one of my favorite times on the ranch. Seeing the new life in the baby calves is such an uplifting part of the day.

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Let’s Make Ice Cream!

As the warmer days of spring arrive we start to think of grilling and sweet treats. Have you ever wondered where your milk or meat comes from? How beef cattle and dairy cattle compare? Check out our Milk or Meat? Beef or Dairy? Lesson where students will identify the differences between beef and dairy cattle and determine the commodities produced by each type of cattle. A fun hands on activity to make your own ice cream completes this lesson.

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