Virtual Field Trip to Christensen Farms

Join us to explore the unique features and engineered design of a modern pig barn. We'll meet the pigs and learn how they are raised on this Christensen Farms site near St. James, MN. You will also learn about the research that is being done in this barn that helps Minnesota pig farmers continue to raise healthy pigs.

About Christensen Farms

Biosecurity, keeping animals safe, is really important when raising pigs. This process starts with the moment workers at Christensen Farms enter the building. All outside jackets and shoes are left in the entryway. This keeps dirt and germs from outside away from the pigs. All visitors and employees need to shower before entering the barn. Everyone changes into clean clothes and boots to enter the barn. There are four employees who do this every day at this research barn. Additional employees assist when pigs are received or when pigs leave the barn.

Christensen Farms Research Site

The barn where the virtual field trip was filmed is a Christensen Farms research site. At this farm, researchers collect data while raising the pigs. Data from their research is used to make decisions about how the pigs are fed, the space they are raised and other factors that impact how they grow.

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Why Do the Pigs Live Inside?

Housing the pigs indoors helps protect them from the weather as well as insects and other animals. The barns allow Christensen Farms to keep the pigs safe and healthy. The barns are kept nice and warm to keep the pigs comfortable and healthy. Similar to how our homes are heated in the winter, the pigs need that warmth too. Christensen Farms employees are able to practice biosecurity for the pigs when they are housed inside; which also helps keep them safe from diseases and sickness.

Entering the Christensen Farms Barn

Inside this prep room, there is a barn controller. This allows employees to control the environment in any of the four rooms within the barn. The controller is similar to a thermostat in a house that allows you to change the temperature in your home. This control panel can also be viewed on a phone or computer which allows pigs to be monitored and kept safe while employees are not at the farm.

To learn more about more about the unique features and engineered design of a modern pig barn, check out the virtual field trip video.

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