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Farm to Fork

This story highlights the unique partnership between a Minnesota bison farm and coffee shop.

Celebrate Dairy

Celebrate Dairy

Think of dairy products that you or people you know like to eat and drink: milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream…YUM!

Journey 2050

Journey 2050 takes middle and high school students on a virtual simulation that explores world food sustainability and answers the question above. The online program guides students through necessary instruction and allows students to make decisions on a virtual farm to witness their impact on society, the environment and the economy at a local and global scale.

Celebrate Beef!

Imagine it’s snack time and you are HUNGRY! How about a nice plate of….grass? Grass does not sound delicious to us but it’s a favorite snack of cattle. Our human digestive system isn’t able to break down the cellulose found in grass, alfalfa and other plants, but cattle have a ruminant digestive system. This system uses a four-compartment stomach to break down cellulose and use it for energy that allows cattle to produce meat and milk. May is recognized as National Beef Month – a time for us to celebrate the meat that beef cattle give us!

Follow Your Food Video Series

We know many teachers had field trips to farms or other agriculture related field trips planned for the spring that probably won’t be happening this year. While a video can’t completely replicate a field experiences, we do a have great video series that we call “Follow Your Food”. This video series would be great to use as a part of a distance learning lesson. There are 4 short videos to watch that look at carrot production in Northfield, the St. Paul Farmers Market, Wozupi Tribal Gardens in Shakopee and honey production in Minneapolis.

DIY Bioplastic for Students Grades 3-5

What can you do with corn starch, corn oil and little water? Make bioplastic – of course! Our National Agriculture in the Classroom network is working to provide e-learning resources that students can easily complete at home to get a glimpse into the exciting and diverse world of agriculture. I thought that my daughters, 10 and 8, would be perfect people to try out one of these e-learning activities.

Take a Field Trip, Virtually!

When it’s physically impossible to visit a farm or agricultural site, you can take a virtual field trip! Our Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom program has enjoyed connecting classrooms of students with Minnesota farms and farmers.

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