Farmamerica: A Partner in Agricultural Literacy

We love working with partners who have the same goals in mind. One of those partners is Farmamerica. 

What is Farmamerica?

Farmamerica is Minnesota’s agricultural interpretive center located in Waseca, Minnesota. Like Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, the center works to connect Minnesotans to the evolving story of agriculture through hands-on educational experiences, partnerships and community engagement. When you visit Farmamerica, kids and adults explore agriculture through many different types of experiences to better understand how agriculture provides our communities with fuel, fiber and fuels. 

A Partner in Agricultural Literacy

Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom partners with Farmamerica in a number of ways including supporting them with curriculum and educational resources. One of the resources utilized at Farmamerica is the AgMag. The free AgMag series features two grade-specific issues in print and online for each K-6 grade level.

Farmamerica Events

Farmamerica hosts a number of events throughout the year for family visitors and classrooms alike. Events include tours, summer camps and field trips.


The visitor center is open Tuesday through Friday with tours starting at 9:00AM and running to 2:00PM. Check their Facebook page or event calendar for days that they are not open to the public. Tours are also available on Saturdays by appointment. Farmamerica tours explore how Minnesota farmers survived in the late 1800s and how farming has evolved. Whether you choose a self-guided or guided tour, you’ll gain so much knowledge on how much farming has changed in the last 200 years.

Field Trips

Farmamerica is open to field trips for 3rd to 6th grade students! The visitor center is driven to make the experience a fun, engaging and educational field trip with safe and hands-on learning. If your classroom is interested in visiting, reach out to them.

Summer Camps

Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC) is proud to collaborate with Farmamerica to develop summer camps that will be hosted at the Farmamerica space. These summer camps will include activities using MAITC resources that are geared toward horticulture and animal agriculture experiences.

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