What is Agriculture?

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Yes, agriculture is farming—planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables, raising livestock and poultry. But agriculture is more than this. It's the industry that grows, harvests, and brings us fiber, trees, turf, and landscaping materials.

food - chicken and apple
  • Food comes from plants and animals.
  • Fiber is the raw material from plants and animals that we use to make cloth, rope, and more. Cotton, linen, silk, wool, sisal, and hemp are fibers.
  • Trees give us fiber that becomes lumber, furniture, and firewood; pulp for paper; and hundreds of other things, including turpentine and medicines.
  • Turf and landscaping materials include flowers, plants, and turf (sod) for beauty, pleasure, and recreation.

Natural Resources Crossword

Agriculture depends on Earth's natural and renewable resources. Solve the puzzle to find out what kinds of resources are needed by agriculture.

1. Leather, wool, and meat all come from these.
2. Plants are rooted in this and soak up nutrients from it.
3. This gives energy to plant leaves for photosynthesis.
4. Just like humans, plants and animals need plenty of this to survive.
5. The surrounding in which plants and animals grow.
6. Tomaotes, strawberries, and soybeans all grow from this.
7. Plants take carbon dioxide from this which they need to grow.
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