Agriculture is Everywhere

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When you woke up in your bed this morning, you already had your first meet-up with agriculture. Somewhere in your bedding and pajamas were probably fibers from cotton plants.

hand soap
breakfast - eggs, bacon and pancakes
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  • Did you wash or shower with soap? That soap is made from fat from cattle and oil from plants such as palm, corn, and soybeans.
  • Did you have cereal, eggs, milk, bacon, pancakes, buttered toast, or juice for breakfast? Thank agriculture again!
  • Did you pack a lunch in a paper bag or finish your math by writing on paper? That paper comes from another agricultural crop—trees. Corn and soybeans may go into the soy ink in your books.
  • Did you ride to school today? The tires on your bus, car, or bike are made from the rubber plant, cords from cotton, and tallow from cattle. Did you see a windbreak or a sod farm? All of these are agriculture, too.

Agriculture brings us almost everything we eat, wear, or use each day.

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