Agriculture, The Land and You

ag and you

What would people living in towns and cities do if there were no farmers?

Where would they get food? Wool? Building supplies? Flowers, trees, and shrubs? Farmers are producers of all these things. What would farmers do if there were no consumers to buy these things? What would it be like if each of us had to grow everything we needed all by ourselves?

Agriculture starts with soil, seeds, water, and energy from the sun. These help farmers grow crops and raise farm animals. The plants and animals are harvested. Sometimes they are processed or changed so humans can use them.

Farming 101: Corn Planting

How Farmers Feed Us

Activity: Minnesota Grown

Many things grown in Minnesota are used for food, clothes, buildings, and gardens. Look at these pictures. These are all grown on Minnesota farms. In fact, Minnesota is the top producer in the U.S. for two of these items. Which ones are they?

ag land and you
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