Corn and Soybeans: Healthy Food

corn soy healthy foods

We need food to be healthy. On pages 2 and 3, you learned about farmers growing corn and soybeans for us. They are used as feed for animals and food for humans. Even better: They are good for you!

field corn vs sweet corn

Corn has lots of vitamins B and C, and magnesium. Vitamin B helps you have energy and good health. Vitamin C helps you grow and maintain good bones and teeth. Magnesium helps your heart keep a steady beat.

There are two kinds of corn that are eaten: Field corn and sweet corn. Animals eat field corn. Humans eat sweet corn on the cob. They also eat kernels that have been canned or frozen. Humans eat field corn after it is processed into other foods like tortilla chips and cereal.

Soybeans have lots of vitamin C, protein, iron, and calcium. Protein is important for building strong bones, muscles, skin, and blood. The body uses iron to build immunity, improve concentration, and reduce tiredness. Calcium is needed to grow and keep strong bones and teeth.

Soybeans are used to make many different things we can eat and drink. Soybeans are found in cooking oil, milk, tofu, and baked goods made with soy flour.

soy beans
corn and soy health foods
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