Meet Lexie & Levi!

Lexie and Levi are 2nd graders that live in Minnesota, like you!

Minnesota Farm Locations
Lexie on her farm with her donkeys Barney & Willow

Lexie Neft is a 2nd grader from Kelliher, MN. Lexie lives on a farm with her family where they raise beef cattle and chickens. They grow corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, and alfalfa. The crops that are grown on Lexie’s farm help to feed their cattle and chickens.

Levi on his farm with his family's dairy cows

Levi Johnson is a 2nd grader from Fountain, MN. Levi lives on a farm with his family where they raise dairy cows. Dairy cows eat grain, like the soybean meal you read about on page 3. Most of the alfalfa and corn that the dairy cows eat is grown on Levi's farm.

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