Talking Corn and Soybeans

Corn and soybeans are among Minnesota’s top crops. They are used for a wide variety of products, from animal feed to human food to ethanol gas to ink. In 2021, Minnesota was third in the nation for soybean production and fourth for corn production. The top ten corn- and soybean-producing states are listed below.

What can you tell us about the region where corn and soybeans grow?

2021 Top Soybean States

1. Illinois - IL
2. Iowa - IA
3. Minnesota - MN
4. Nebraska - NE
5. Indiana - IN
6. Ohio - OH
7. Missouri - MO
8. South Dakota - SD
9. Kansas - KS
10. North Dakota - ND

Can you find the soybean states on the map?

Can you find the corn states on the map?

2021 Top Corn States

1. Iowa - IA
2. Illinois - IL
3. Nebraska - NE
4. Minnesota - MN
5. Indiana - IN
6. Kansas - KS
7. South Dakota - SD
8. Ohio - OH
9. Missouri - MO
10. Wisconsin - WI

Corn and Soybeans Around the World

Corn and soybeans are grown around the world. How does the climate in the countries listed below help make them top corn and soybean producers?

Top Corn Growers

1. United States
2. China
3. Brazil

Top Soybean Growers

1. Brazil
2. United States
3. Argentina

Can you find the countries that grow corn and/or soybeans?

*Statistics courtesy of U.S. Department of Agriculture | National Agricultural Statistics Service

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