R & R Cultivation is a local grower in the Twin Cities that specializes in growing organic, gourmet mushrooms. Their urban Minnesota mushroom grow is located in Roseville, Minnesota. R & R Cultivation mushrooms can be found at co-ops, grocery stores, farmers’ markets and all Twin Cities area Lunds and Bylerys. On this virtual field, we will learn about the process of growing mushrooms and discover many different types of mushrooms.

Our History

R & R Cultivation was started in 2018 and now supplies fresh mushrooms to everywhere in the Twin Cities. The business was started in a 3′ by 3′ tent in Nick Robbinson, co-owner’s, basement with a few mushroom blocks inside. When the business began to take off, the operation was expanded to Nick’s laundry room with a 5′ by 10′ tent with a few more mushroom blocks. Expansion to today’s current location occurred shortly after and have found great success there.

Fresh and Local Mushrooms

R & R Cultivation was originally started as way bring fresh, local mushrooms to the surrounding area. With fresh and local as their main focus, Nick and Lance, owners, focused on USDA certified organic and educating the public on mushroom nutrition and how great they taste. Many people’s knowledge of mushrooms do not go beyond the ones everyone is used to: the small mushroom, button mushrooms, and the large ones, portobello cap mushrooms.

First Level Decomposers

Nick and Lance strive to educate the public through the variety of mushrooms that they grow. The mushrooms that R & R Cultivation grows are first level decomposers which means they don’t grow in the dirt. First level decomposer mushrooms grow off of trees and other hardwoods.

Watch as we explore the R & R Cultivation operation and learn even more about mushrooms.

A special thank you to the five students from the Wayzata High School, Siri, Rachel, Jessica, Ellie and Reggie, who planned this virtual field trip as a part of their food and nutrition class. They have created some really awesome teacher guides that are available to you to use in your classroom. Check them out here!

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