AgMag K



The AgMag K is developed just for kindergarteners! Sign-up renewals are required each school year. When you “Sign-up to All Issues for 2021-22 School Year”, we’ll automatically send you the AgMag K fall issue in October and the spring issue in March. 

If you’re hosting a one-time event, select either the Fall Issue or Spring issue to use for your event.

AgMag K Fall Issue features:

  • Agriculture is Everywhere
  • Agriculture in Your School
  • Agriculture in Your Community
  • State Agriculture Symbols and Events

AgMag K Spring Issue features:

  • From the Farm to You
  • Wheat From the Field to You
  • Weather

Both issues are also available in an interactive online format.

Find academic standards and integration ideas in the Teacher Guides for all AgMag issues.

Product Options

Fall Issue, Sign-Up for All Publications for 2021-2022 School Year, Spring Issue

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