AgMag 4


AgMag 4

The AgMag 4 is geared for learners in 4th grade. Sign-up renewals are required each school year. When you “Sign-Up for All Issues for 2022-2023 School Year”, we’ll automatically send you the AgMag 4 fall issue in October and the spring issue in March. 

AgMag 4 Fall topics include:

  • Agriculture is Everywhere
  • What is Agriculture?
  • What Grows Where?
  • Farming Across Minnesota
  • Science in Agriculture
  • Farming in a Glove
  • State Symbols and Agriculture 

AgMag 4 Spring topics include:

  • Caring for Our Natural Resources
  • Wonderful Water
  • Digging Deep in Soil
  • Meet the Farmer
  • Homegrown Energy
  • Making Bioplastic

Both issues are also available in an interactive online format.

Find academic standards and integration ideas in the Teacher Guides for all AgMag issues.


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