Let’s Learn About Dairy!

Whether it’s ice cream in the summer, whipped cream on your pumpkin pie or a variety of cheese on a charcuterie board, dairy is a product that many families enjoy throughout the year. But what goes into making dairy products? How long does it take for a gallon of milk to go from the farm to your local grocery store? In December, we will focus on dairy and answering these questions with our monthly curriculum theme.

Grade-Specific Lesson Plans

We have curated a list of grade-specific, standards-based curricular tools featuring dairy. Check them out below for a sneak peek into these turn-key resources. 

It’s a Moo-stery! (K-2 Lesson)

Students make observations about historic tools used on a dairy farm to store and process milk into cheese and butter.

Cheesemaking: From Liquid to Solid (3-5 Lesson)

Students make fresh mozzarella cheese and discover the science (changing a liquid to a solid), art, and craft involved in the development of specialty cheese.

Cheesemaking: A Science, an Art, and a Craft! (6-8 Lesson)

Students make fresh mozzarella cheese and explore a career as an artisan cheesemaker as they discover the science, art, and craft involved in the development of specialty cheeses. 

Enzymes and Bacteria are Whey Cool! (9-12 Lesson)

Students study the science of amino acids, proteins, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria to explore the phenomena, "Why does each variety of cheese taste different when the ingredients are the same?"

AgMag Dairy Focus Area Connections

Let’s look at a few ways to incorporate dairy into your classroom. Check out these highlighted AgMags on our website.

  • Moo to You, Farm Equipment, Old and New, Animal Babies and Parents (AgMag 1)

  • Meet Lexie and Levi (AgMag 2)

  • Milk and the Problem Solving Dairy Cow! (AgMag 5)

Bonus Ways to Incorporate Dairy Into Your Classroom This December

Here are a few other resources we would love to share with you and your students.

Teacher Professional Development on December 11, 2023 at 3:45pm

10 lucky attendees will win a cheese making kit and 5 attendees will win a $25 gift card to Redhead Creamery!

We wish you, your students and your families a happy holiday season! With the turn of the year, check out more resources as we explore Minnesota’s beans in January.

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