Milk and the Problem Solving Dairy Cow!

People from around the world drink milk that comes from many different animals, including cows, sheep, goats and camels.

In dairy cattle herds, the females, called cows, are the animals that produce milk. The males, called bulls, and the babies, called calves, do not produce milk. Casein is the name of the main protein found in milk. There are two types of casein protein: Al and A2. Most cows' milk available on grocery store shelves contains a combination of the casein Al and A2 proteins.

Girl Drinking Milk in Kitchen

The Problem

Some people get a stomach ache, rash or just don't feel well after drinking milk. Scientists believe that the Al protein causes these symptoms. Research has shown that milk with only the A2 protein does not cause the same issues and is easier to digest.

The Problem Solver - The Diary Cow!

Ten Finns TM Creamery in northern Minnesota is exclusively breeding dairy cattle that only produce milk with the A2 protein. Joel and Amanda Hendrickson own this farm near Menahga, MN. The Hendricksons are able to easily test the milk from their cows to see if it contains the Al and A2 proteins. They breed their cows selectively. This means that they select the cows(female cattle) that only produce the A2 protein to be bred with bulls (male cattle) that will only pass on the A2 protein to their calves. This means their calves (baby cattle) will produce milk that only contains the A2 protein, not the Al protein that can make people sick. By only breeding cattle that produce A2 milk, Ten Finns TM creamery is Minnesota's first exclusively A2 dairy cattle herd and creamery.

More people with milk sensitivities can comfortably enjoy milk!

Hendrickson Family Photo
The Hendrickson family at Ten Finns Creamery
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