The weather plays a big part in what plants we can and can’t grow. Some plants need a lot of water, and some plants don’t need very much. Other plants do well in the cold, while others need it to be very hot. That’s why farmers and gardeners plant at certain times of the year, so plants can grow in weather that is comfortable for them.

Peak Season

Peak season is when the crop is ready to harvest and we can use it or eat it when it’s fresh and most delicious. The growing season is what leads up to the peak season.

Product Peak Season

What grows in Minnesota?

See the pictures below of food we can and can’t grow in Minnesota. Can you identity which items can be grown in Minnesota? Drag each food item to either the Can or Can't boxes. Press the check button to see how you did!

What if you wanted to start growing your favorite foods in the winter?

Keep reading to find out how students just like you start growing vegetables in the winter.

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