Why Attend Teacher Tours?

Summer is the time of the year when educators often have well-deserved time off as well as take in learning yourself. Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom has the perfect mix of continuing education units (CEUs) while enjoying new experiences! Our team works hard to ensure that our Summer Teacher Tours provide value for you and your students.

So why is attending a Summer Teacher Tour a valuable experience? Don’t just take it from us, hear it from a fellow teacher like yourself. We asked two teachers to give us a glimpse into their Teacher Tour Experiences to help. Our featured teachers who shared their experience:

Amy Mastin has taught elementary for 17 years, middle school science and middle and high school agriculture for 5 years. While teaching elementary, she began adding agriculture into my curriculum which included building a school and community garden.

Beth Sletta an elementary teacher for 37 years. During her tenure as the STEM teacher, she helped students create a large schoolyard garden complete with flowers, vegetables, trees, herbs, and a beautiful outdoor learning space. Beth currently teaches 2nd and 3rd grades for Minnesota Virtual Academy as an online teacher.

So what do they have to say? Read on!

Educator reponses to teacher tours

Amy is most excited about: “This year I am excited to go on the “Day in the Life of a Farmer” tour. We talk about all of these aspects in my classes - especially ethanol.  The tour of the ethanol plant is what I am most looking forward to! Seeing the process and being in the plant is way more engaging than reading about the process in a book.  The photos that I have taken during my tours always end up in my presentations to my students.  Real world connections are so important!”

Attend your next learning experience

Thank you to Amy and Beth for sharing their experiences! Ready to sign up? With limited spots available check out the four great tours we have available at Teachers Tours. Can’t decide which one to go to? Sign up for more than one!

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