New AgMags Launched This Spring

Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom strives to increase agricultural literacy in kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms. As a large part of this mission, AgMags have been educating students from kindergarten through sixth grade about Minnesota agriculture for over 35 years. These free, standards-based resources have grown to be grade specific with an online component to the printed magazines. 

Each year a few of our AgMags are selected for an update. This ensures any changes to curriculum-standards are included while also getting a chance to include new stories, photos and interviews of farmers. For spring of 2023, our kindergarten, first grade and second grade AgMags were updated. Learn more about the refreshed content and the farm to your plate story chosen for your grade level.

Spring AgMag K 2023

Wheat from the Field to You! - AgMag K Spring

In the newly updated AgMag K Spring, kindergarteners learn about the process wheat takes from the field to their dinner table. They are led through the growing, harvesting, transporting, flour making and food making journey. Spring planting season is the perfect time to use this AgMag with your kindergarten students!

AgMag 1 Spring 2023

Moo to You - AgMag 1 Spring

The Moo to You is refreshed in the new grade 1 Spring AgMag. This feature goes through milk’s journey from dairy cow to drinking milk. First graders will learn about life on the farm for dairy cows [There’s even a video of a dairy farm they can watch!], transporting the milk, milk quality checks, milk at the store and drinking the milk. Grab your students their own copies of the new AgMag 1 Spring edition!

AgMag 2 Spring 2023

Super Soybeans and King Corn - AgMag 2 Spring

Corn and soybeans are the focus for the newly updated AgMag 2 Spring. Corn and soybeans are Minnesota’s leading cash crops. This content teaches second graders about how corn and soybeans are planted and harvested, stored and transported, processed, and used in our daily lives. AgMag 2 Spring includes stories from two 2nd graders who live on Minnesota crop and livestock farms. Get your classroom copies ordered here!

A special thank you to everyone who played a role in making these updates come to fruition as well as our educators across all 87 Minnesota counties who share the agriculture story with their students. 

Check out Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom’s additional AgMags for grades K-6 as well as our lesson plans for grades K-12.

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