Let’s Visit a Pig Farm and Make a Pig Barn!

Author: Wanda Patsche

Did you know that Minnesota raises a lot of pigs? It is the second largest state in pigs marketed. That’s right. Can you guess which state is number one? (Hint: the state directly south of Minnesota.)

Here are some more FUN pork facts from Minnesota!

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Have you ever wondered how pigs are raised and what they need to live? What do you think are the basic four needs of pigs?

Pigs Need Shelter

Most pigs live in barns. There are lots of reasons why. Barns provide safety and protection from predators, a controlled environment where temperatures and air quality can be monitored and changed as needed, and barns also allow access to clean water and feed. Let’s go visit a pig barn.

Pigs Need Food

Let’s see what they eat!

Pigs Need Daily Care

What do farmers do to take care of pigs every day?

If you loved this pig barn visit, you may want to check out another pig farm.

Now that you have visited a pig barn, it’s time to make your own barn. Visit the Pigs on the Farm Ag in the Classroom lesson for instructions and more pig information. All you need are a few common household items such as envelopes, a paper towel, toilet paper roll, drinking straws, paper and tape to make your very own pig barn. And feel free to use any items you have available to make your very own barn!

Need some ideas? Look at some pictures of students showing off their barns.

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For more facts about Minnesota Pork, you can also visit the Minnesota Pork fact page.

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