Wheat from the Field To You

wheat from the field

We eat many foods that are made from wheat. Where does wheat come from?

planting wheat seeds

1. Growing

Farmers plant wheat seeds in the spring. The plants grow all summer. The wheat plants produce seeds called kernels. The kernels are ripe in the fall.

kernels of wheat
wheat harvest

2. Harvesting

A big machine cuts the wheat. The machine is called a combine. It takes the kernels off the plants.

wheat bag
wheat to you - grocery shelf

3. Turning Wheat into Flour

Some kernels go to flour mills. Workers check, clean, and wash the kernels. Heavy rollers grind the kernels into flour. The flour is put into bags. Some flour goes to grocery stores. People buy flour at the store.

wheat process
pasta and bread

4. Turning Flour into Foods

Some flour goes to companies that make food. Wheat flour is used to make bread, cake, pasta, cereal, tortillas, and more.

colorful layered cake


Write the word wheat on a piece of paper.


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