What Makes Minnesota Such a Great State for Ag?

We have many terrain and soil types that are good for farming, as well as the right amount of rainfall during our growing season. All of this makes our state the top producer in many crops!

Minnesota Farming Fun Facts

Find it on the map!

Let’s see if we can find the 5 Fs of agriculture in Minnesota! Find each county listed in the chart below on the map and drag and drop the correct agriculture industry symbol on top of it. Some symbols may be used more than once.

County Product County Product
BrownGreen PeasMarshallWheat
DakotaVegetables & MelonsMartinHogs
HennepinCut FlowersMorrisonBeef Cattle
KoochichingPaperSt. LouisWood Products
Symbol Key
  • symbol-triangle

    Place a triangle for forest products.

  • symbol-square

    Place a square for fuel crops.

  • symbol-circle

    Place a circle for food products.

  • symbol-star

    Place a star for flowers.

  • symbol-squiggle

    Place a squiggly line for fiber.

Minnesota has 4 Growing Areas

Northwest – Fertile prairie soils

The Northwest has less moisture than other areas but is very flat making it easy for large machinery to operate. Food crops like, wheat, oats, barley, sunflowers and potatoes are grown here.

Northeast – Rough terrain with shallow, less-fertile soils

The more northern location has a colder and shorter frost-free season. High snowfalls in the winter add moisture to the ground. This area is a big producer of forest and wood products.

Southwest – Fertile soils with good moisture

The more southern location means a longer growing season. The southwest area is a big producer of fuel crops like corn and soybeans. Livestock, which are animals used for food—including cattle and hogs, also do well here.

Southeast – Hilly with moisture

Soils vary in the southeast and include soils that are rich, shallow, poorly drained and sandy. Feed for animals, including alfalfa and pastureland, as well as food for humans, including milk from dairy cattle and turkeys, are big agricultural products here.

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