Steps Along the Way

The things we eat, wear, and use every day come from earth’s resources. Using natural resources, human resources, and capital resources, raw materials are changed into things we use. This change is important. Wheat kernels wouldn’t do us much good in their raw form.

Agriculture System

Most agriculture systems have 6 steps.

1. Producing

Growing or raising plants and animals.


2. Processing

Changing plant and animal products into things we eat, wear, and use.


3. Distributing

Getting the processed product to the store where we can buy it.


4. Marketing

Advertising the product on the Internet, TV, and newspapers to help people know about it.


5. Consuming

Using or eating the final product.


6. Disposing

Putting any left over product in the recycling bin, garbage can, donation box, or compost.


Some raw materials go through the Agriculture System quickly, and some take longer. Why do you think that is?

Which takes more time: Wheat kernels becoming a loaf of bread, or a carrot that goes into your salad?

Naming & Matching

For each photo below, write the number and name of its step in the agriculture system. Hint: the images are not in order.

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