Agricultural Inventions

There have been many great inventions that have helped make farming easier, faster, and more productive. Check out some of these inventions!

Cattle Feeding Robot

This invention feeds cows the exact ingredients in the perfect amount they need to grow healthy and strong.

The Refrigerator Truck

This invention keeps food like meat and ice cream cold enough that they won’t get warm and spoil while being moved from the processing plant to the grocery store.

Precision Agriculture

This invention uses technology, like drones, to check on growing plants. The technology helps farmers watch for pests and know when plants need extra water or nutrients.

Now it’s your turn to invent!

Hens lay billions of eggs every year. How do farmers collect all these eggs? By hand? By machine? Using your engineering and design skills, try to design an egg catcher that will help farmers gather their eggs faster, easier and keep the eggs from cracking.

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