Moo to You

Did you drink milk today? How did that milk get to you?

Holstein Cow

Take a video tour of a dairy farm!

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Take a virtual tour of a dairy farm!

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1. On the Farm

Milk cows live on dairy farms. Farmers feed and take good care of the cows. Cows give us milk.

A farmer is using a milking machine on this cow. What does this machine do?

Modern Milking Technology
Keller Trucking Semi

2. On the Road

Tank trucks take milk from the farm to the plant. Milk must be kept cool all the way from the farm to you. Why?

3. At the Milk Plant

Milk is tested and heated to make sure it is healthy and clean. It is put in cartons or bottles. Some plants even turn milk into cheese.

Milk on Conveyer Belt
Milk Product

4. At the Store

Trucks take milk to stores. Your family buys the milk. It takes less than 48 hours
for milk to reach the store from the farm.

5. You Drink the Milk

How many different kinds of milk can you name? 2% milk is one kind.

Girl Taking a Sip of Milk

Milk Memory

Click on each card to find matches from these items made from milk.

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