Farming in a Glove

For this activity, you get to be a farmer and grow your own seeds. As the seeds grow in a glove, you will be able to see the life cycle of plants and learn what seeds need to germinate and grow. It is important to understand how seeds become plants because plants produce food, fiber, shelter, and oxygen--we need and use these things every day!

materials needed
farming in a glove project

1. Make sure you have a clear plastic glove with no rips or tears.

2. With a marker, label each finger of the glove with the type of seed you are going to plant inside of it. Write your name in the center of the glove.

3. Dip five cotton balls into the water. Squeeze any extra water out of the cotton balls so they are wet but not dripping.

4. Place a different type of seed onto each cotton ball. You can use 2 or 3 seeds of each variety.

5. Place the "seeded" cotton balls into the correctly labeled fingers of the glove.

6. Hang your glove upside down in a sunny spot.

Over the next week the seeds will begin to sprout. Observe how each variety is similar and different. Make sure that your seeds have everything they need so they successfully grow into plants.

You have now created a farm in a glove!

Farmer Connection

Wild Rice farmer Maggie Rousu pays special attention to the resources needed to grow wild rice. What resources do you need to provide to your Farm in glove so your seeds sprout and grow?

Brian Pfarr uses technology to grow corn, soybeans and wheat on his farm. What seeds will you grow?

Cari Schmitz uses science to develop new varieties of potatoes that are healthy. How will you keep your seeds healthy and growing?

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