Caring for Our Natural Resources

Minnesota is known as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes".

But actually, it has almost 20,000 lakes, ponds, and marshes that are each as large as 5 acres, if not larger (an acre is about the size of a football field)! Forests cover one-third of our state. End to end, our rivers could reach around the world! Our cropland would cover all of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont combined. Natural resources like fresh air, rich soil, lots of rain, good climate, crops, and livestock are so important-and Minnesota has them all!

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Minnesota's agriculture industry depends on these natural resources, and we depend on agriculture. That's why our farmers and others must act as stewards and take good care of the land, protecting these important resources.

  • When we prevent water pollution, we help keep water safe for drinking, cooking, and swimming. It also keeps aquatic life, like fish, safe and healthy.
  • When we protect our soil, it can grow good food, fiber, and fuel (energy) for the future.
  • When we clean up our air, we make life healthier for people, plants, and animals.
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Nearly three-fourths of the land in Minnesota is owned by farmers and private landowners. Why is it important that all land owners be good stewards of the land?

Context Clues

Reread the sentences with the word "steward" in them. Who is a steward and what do they do?

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