Field to French Fry

Experience your very own Farm Camp tour with RD Offutt Farms! Go on a behind the scenes look at a potato’s journey from field to french fry during our Virtual Farm Camp Experience with director, Ann Vote.

Farm Camps connect your classroom curriculum to a real world agriculture tour, providing deeper understanding of your classroom concepts, hands-on experiences, and a look into agriculture careers. Join this Teacher Tour to participate in a Farm Camp experience to learn about Minnesota grown potatoes and how you can create an engaging experience like this for your students next year!

During this virtual tour, you will hear from a grower and agronomist that help in the fields, get a look inside a potato storage facility, watch as a chemist in the french fry lab analyzes potatoes for consumption and view the process potatoes go through at Lamb Weston RDO to become delicious french fries ready to eat!

Following the virtual tour, you’ll learn how partnering with Farm Camp will support you in creating a customized experience for your students next school year! This teacher tour is specifically designed for educators in grades 5-12.

What are Summer Teachers Tours?

2022 Teacher Tour: Field to French Fry

The Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Program (MAITC) is excited to offer a unique summer professional development opportunity for K-12 educators and industry professionals. Our Summer Teacher Tours allow educators to observe and experience current agricultural productionprocessing and distribution techniques, as well as exposure to a wealth of standards-based, agriculture themed lesson plans and resources. Participants will network and share how they intend to use these experiences and resources to integrate agriculture into their curricula to improve student achievement by applying authentic agricultural examples to teach core curriculum concepts in science, social studies, language arts, math and nutrition.

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Featured Stops on This Tour

RD Offutt Farms
RD Offutt Farms

RD Offutt Farms

R.D Offutt Company is a family owned and operated company based in Fargo, ND comprised of business entities in agriculture and construction equipment, farming, real estate and development, and food processingThe company originated in 1964 and today includes operations across the United States and international partnerships.

Nick David (agronomist) and Joel Steffl (farm manager) joined us at a RD Offutt Farm Potato Field in Park Rapids to share about planting, growing, and harvesting potatoes.

Potato Storage Facility

Storage Facility

Luke Warmbold (facility manager) will give us a peek inside a potato storage facility and introduce us to the technology used to keep potatoes stored for about 1 year.

French Fry Lab

During our french fry lab tour, you’ll get to see how potato samples are tested to create the best tasting french fry options.

Lamb Weston Frozen Food Processing Center

Our tour ends with Tom Conway and Justin Mitteness who will walk us through the machinery and technology used to slice up our favorite potato products: french fries! 

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