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MN AgMag2 days agoMinnesota Agriculture in the Classroom shared JCC Agriculture Department and FFA Chapter's post.Thanks for sharing the farm-to-table story JCC Agriculture Department and FFA Chapter! We hope our MN Ag in the Classroom pizza posters were a hit with these students!
MN AgMag2 days agoDid you know that soybeans are an important ingredient in crayons? Just one acre of soybeans can make 82,368 crayons! #FarmFactFriday
MN AgMag6 days agoWould you like to learn more about Christmas Trees? Choose from a variety of lessons utilizing science, history, and geography! Topics include the history of the Christmas tree, life cycle of a conifer, types of trees and how they adapt, working on a Christmas tree farm, and the ecology of conifer trees. #MaitcMatrixMonday K-2 Lessons: https://minnesota.agclassroom.org/matrix/lessonplan.cfm?lpid=536&author_state=0&search_term_lp=christmas 3-5 Lessons: https://minnesota.agclassroom.org/matrix/lessonplan.cfm?lpid=537&author_state=0&search_term_lp=christmas
MN AgMag1 week agoBooks make a fantastic holiday gift! Explore these new agricutlure-themed books from our friends at Illinois Ag in the Classroom. https://beyondthebarndoor.wordpress.com/
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