Bugs: Good for Soil!

Did you know that there are many bugs and insects that are good for soil? Yes! Ground Beetles eat all kinds of pests that live in the soil and can harm plants. Fungus Gnat Predators seek out other insects that are harmful to soil and destroy them. There are also critters called "€œdecomposers"€ that help organic material, like food scraps and yard waste, break down and decompose.


What is it?

  • Answer
  • Wheat! More wheat is planted in the world than any other crop. Wheat kernels are ground into flour that is used to make bread, pasta, cereal, tortillas, cakes, cookies, crackers, and more!



Fun Fact: Minnesota ranks 4th nationally in dry edible bean production. Dry edible beans include pinto, navy, Great Northern, kidney, and black beans.


What's orange and sounds like a parrot?

  • Answer
  • A carrot!